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properHoc (or rather Christer Blomqvist, egenföretagare (the name change is in progress)) is a one-man consulting firm. I work with programming in various languages, electronics and electronics design, mathematical and statistical analysis, education etcetera.

Through the years I have mostly worked with electronics and programming. First at IBM with larger computer systems, then at AB Curt Enström with service of various products, like printers, faxes and copiers. At that firm I mainly worked as a start-up technician, planning and seeing to that the service of a new product would work, before going on to the next product. The last type of product I worked with there was mobile phones of the brand Technophone (later bought by Nokia).

During that time I was also a part owner of a firm named Bitops. The largest project I did there was creating a database system from scratch (a b-tree database written in Pascal) that was part of a larger system.

In 1991 I started a service firm together with two of my colleagues. We mainly worked with repairing mobile phones and wireless phones, but also other electronic equipment. We also worked as a consultant firm doing measurements of antennas etc., and selling courses in electronics repairs. My main role was as a problem solver.

We worked with Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, Siemens, Panasonic, NEC, TOA Electronics, Doro etc.

In 2001 we sold the firm to Anovo. At that time we had 21 employees.

Then I studied some more mathematics and physics at Stockholm university, and since 2004 I have worked as a maths and physics teacher. First at Leksands gymnasium, then at SSHL in Sigtuna and now at Katedralskolan in Uppsala. I do mainly work within the IB diploma programme. This firm is a serious sideshow :-).

My largest customers so far are the publishers Natur & Kultur and Texas Instruments.

I am currently working with an HF electronics design involving some microcontroller programming.

I have programmed in various languages, like Pascal, LUA, C, C++, Java, JavaScript,  various assemblers, Matlab, Mathematica, Nspire and some other languages to various degrees.

To contact me, please mail me at mauritz@properhoc.com

I have “F-skattebevis”: EU VAT nr: SE1962051710333

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