… and me.

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I, me and…

What to say about me. I am interested in learning. My wife says I am an information addict, and that may be true. I read at almost all opportunities, may it be about maths, physics, electronics, art, biology, philosophy, linguistics, programming etcetera.  I may also pick up some novels (Pratchett, I miss you), or why not some poetry  (Shakespeare, I miss you too (the sonnets rather than the plays )).

I also like to work in my garden (when time is given) or why not make wands (I know, it is a strange hobby). I would like to paint a bit more, but I don’t have the time. I would like to use my synth more, but, yet again, time.

I am currently spending quite a lot of time on making this site, and also building up my new electronics lab in my basement.

My name

People who got to know me before I was about 35 probably know me as Christer, but I later on added the name Mauritz (to honour my mother who had given me that name if she could (there is a long story behind that)). So my full name is Christer Mauritz Tage Blomqvist.

My family

I have a sweet wife, and we have a daughter. One of my greatest sorrows is that my mother has never met them. She passed away in September 2001, and I met my wife-to-be later the same year.


To start with I was rather bad at mathematics, as most toddlers are (^^,). My first major interest was not mathematics (as I would say it is now) but biology, and then mainly arthropods. When about 10 to 13  I spent quite much time with my head down at ground level, lifting stones, and digging in the ground. At 13 my interest in electronics started, and I made my first radio receiver at about that age. I was still bad at maths though ( I might have been the worst in my class), in 7th grade (at 14) my interest in maths finally was waken, and at 16 I could do, at least some, calculus – like integrals and some basic differential equations, and I could also do some multi-dimensional geometry (^^,).

At about 15-16 me and some friends started a young scientist club at the school  (Bromma Naturvetare, BNV) where I was the chairman for the first few years.

What more? I have studied physics and mathematics at Stockholms Univerisity and education at Högskolan Dalarna.

I have worked with electronics for most of my adult life, first at IBM, then at various firms, whereof the longest at my own. At present, I work as a teacher at Katedraskolan in Uppsala where I mainly teach maths and physics at the IB diploma programme, and since a few years ago I also teach programming – where I mainly concentrate on JavaScript.


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