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So, 2011 my trusty Panasonic EB-GD92 finally gave up (or rather its battery). I was on the way to a conference when the phone gave up, and needed a phone, so I bought something cheep that would possibly be replaced later on.  The cheapest phone they had in the shop at the railway station was the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

Sadly enough this was stolen later on. I could track it to Morocco, and I contacted the operator there, but the didn’t even bather to answer my email.

Next phone I bought was an HTC Sensation XE

That phone was later on water damaged, so I bought another, used one.  My next switch was to an HTC ONE S.


This is possibly, in my view, the most beautiful phone I ever had.  I rooted it and did a lot of experiments on with the software on it. All these phones I had a rather short time. But the next one is an exception. It my HTC ONE (M7) that I used for close to four years.

I was very happy with it until the touch screen stopped working for a small vertical part of the display. Sadly enough it is not the display that is faulty but the main logic board – so I cannot fix it.

As you can see I have had a bunch of HTC phones.  I particularly like the M7 because its front facing speakers. I wanted a similar phone, so I got a ZTE axon 7.

I was pleased with the phone. Low light photos could have been a bit better though, but the front facing loudspeakers are good – even though not as good as the ones on  the HTC M7.

Then came the ZTE ban, and after a while I got tired of waiting for a new software. I rooted it and used it like that for a while – but gave up after a while.

Then, 2021 perhaps…. I bought a used Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I really like the S-pen, and the rest of the phone is good too.

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