Some minor changes

I have removed the background (it slowed down the site) and also changed from WP-Piwik to Google Analytics (it seems to be faster).

Anyhow, what more? I have started to play the guitar. I bought a Squier a few months  ago, and then I have also built another guitar. More about that later on.

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Its full of stars!

The background image I have chosen for the moment is from some galaxy  collision simulation I did in I guess 97 or 98. That’s the reason why the number of stars are rather low. The computers back then weren’t all too fast compared to   now. Anyhow, the program was written in Pascal. This is the result of one run that I found particularly beautiful. When looking at the actual data the upper galaxy was actually shaped like an upside down bowl for a “short” while.

Talking about programming: I have replaced the not too efficient next-page-not-next-post plugin with an own. It actually made an noticeable difference when it comes to speed.

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Yet it moves

After some long time (but less than the time described in the last post) I have finally started to add some material. Partly because I was inspired by some work I do at work. I have started a “Maths Problem of the month” section. You can find it here:

We use WordPress there too, so…


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Hello world!

Dear reader

A long time ago, far, far away (say about 1013 m in some sense) a site about mathematics was created by the person that now has become me. That site was managed for a few years, and was quite successful, but alas, other things came between the site and me (like studies, work, marriage, a child, ,.. basically life as we know it) so the site went into hibernation to eventually die. Or? As Frankenstein’s monster (without the horror) the site is about to wake up again. Let’s see what it will become (^^,).

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